Seu Olhar Lyrics – Seu Jorge

This is a song called “Seu Olhar (Your Look)” which I really like off his new album ‘Ámerica Brasil’.

In fact, the whole album is great but this song in particular caught me off guard, mainly due to the way he sings it. Since it’s a song, I’m going to do a rough translation instead of an extact one.

“Your Look”

We’ve got places to go
From here we can go anywhere
But I want to stay
I want to dive deeper
Just to find myself
In your eyes
Everything is already changing
I can breathe you in
I can sense you
In the dark
I’ve been on the road so long
We all have
I didn’t want a thing
Then you came
After a heavy wave
Was a peaceful one
It’s like being with you on a pillow
And sleeping so well
It was your look
That enchanted me so
Now I just want a little more
Of this love of yours


2 thoughts on “Seu Olhar Lyrics – Seu Jorge

  1. I also became enchanted by this song for exactly the same reasons you mentioned and I am grateful for your beautiful translation, because I was struggling to find the right words in my laguage.

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