Terms of Surprise in Portuguese

Originally, this was a video lesson but the video was deleted.

Gente! – Wow
Gente do céu! – Wow
Que isso! – Whats THAT about?/What are you TALKING ABOUT?/Of course not!!
Eca! – Yuck
Opa! – Oops/Wow
Nossa! – Wow
Nossa senhora! – Wow! (with emphasis)
Nossa mãe! – Wow! (with a lot of emphasis)
Jesus! – Wow
Caraca(s)! – Wow
ixi! – Wow
ixi, maria! – Wow! (with emphasis)


2 thoughts on “Terms of Surprise in Portuguese

  1. That’s so funny!!! Just the other day at work, a coworker asked me for something and I was surprised, so much so that I forgot to say it in English and that’s how I said “Vixi Maria!!” And my coworker was wondering what I had just said. I will show this to her. By the way, “Vixi Maria” is another way to say “Ixi Maria” Which I thing it is a short for “Virgem Maria”.

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