MV Bill – The Messenger of Truth

MV Bill is a Brazilian rap singer who was born in the favela City of God and he is co-author of the best-selling book Falcão – Meninos do Tráfico (Falcon – Boys of the Drug Trade). In this book (and in the documentary of the same name), he gives a forum to seventeen young drug traffickers whose lives revolve around drugs and violence. Of those interviewed, only one of them is still alive one year later.

MV Bill, whose name Mensageiro da Verdade means The Messenger of Truth, is one of the leading and most controversial rappers and heroes of Brazilian hip-hop in Rio de Janeiro. Rio remains as the center of developing Brazilian politics and offers MV Bill a fitting place to pursue his advocacy and fight for social justice. The rapper, who began as a samba singer, is a strong advocate for getting the Brazilian youth out of the drug trade and into some other forms of self uplift. He began a network of NGOs located in Rio, which strives to teach hip-hop skills, graffiti, and break dancing to children, alongside important educational classes, such as computer training.

Many of his songs contain lyrics discussing the Brazilian youth lost to the dangerous trades and violent confrontations in Rio. MV Bill has also funneled his passion towards social injustice into another book, “Cabeça de Porco” (Pig Head), that he co-authored with Celso Athayde and Luis Eduardo Soares, one of Brazil’s foremost social anthropologists. The book, published in 2005, revolves around the issue of social injustice and violence in Brazil and discusses what must be done to solve the problem. In an effort to bring even more attention to his cause, he is known to only give interviews in the City of God.

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