First there was Burning Man…

Picture this, the chance to bring in the New Year with a five-day dance party on a beautiful beach in Northeastern Brazil. Its real and its called Universo Paralello.

The Burning Man festival that happens every year in the Nevada desert brings out the same types of free spirits as its Southern “counterpart” in Brazil. The Brazilian version (and I use the word version lightly as they have no real connection) can be found on the coast of Bahia, on a secluded beach called Praia de Pratigi in the micro-region Ituberá (Tupi for Sparkling Waterfall), about a 5-hour ride South of Salvador. Universo Paralello (Parallel Universe) has been happening every New Years for the past 7 years. The fesitval itself lasts 5 days and covers every type of trance, dance, progressive and chill-out music available.

Last I read, the ticketing is cheaper if you buy your ticket earlier on. There are three chances to buy, with the price going up (no more than $100 at its highest) little by little until the last chance is announced. Either of these choices are better than paying the elevated price they charge at the door.

As for where to buy a ticket, I only found this email on their very minimalistic official website


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