The House Of Knowledge

There’s a great great great idea coming out of Brazil, mainly out of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, and its called Casa do Saber. They are basically a place of learning for anyone who wants to join in on their discussions, debates and free courses (although most are paid courses). I foolishly didn’t make time to stop by during my last trip to Sao Paulo and I find myself regretting that decision. The courses they offer run the gamut, starting with anthropology and heading into science, economics, philosophy, history, art, literature and psychoanalysis. Below I have translated their “About Us” statement.

“The Casa do Saber is a center for debates, reflection and knowledge in Rio and São Paulo, that allows for the access of culture in a way that is clear and involving, however rigorous and faithful to the creators of the work.

Within an extra-curricular environment, Casa do Saber offers free courses, speeches and offices of study, in which the student is reunited with renowned professors and speakers.

The speeches and the courses, each lasting three months, present the differential of being ministered in small groups in order to promote the exchange of ideas and a larger interaction between the participants and the speakers.”

Who needs reading when you have these opportunities at your fingertips?

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