Rabanadas – French Toast Brazilian Style

In Christmas spirit, I’ll stick this (older) post at the top for the second year in a row.

The rabanada is a type of French toast that comes from Portugal and has migrated to Brazil. It can be made by taking a slice of wheat bread and soaking it in milk (in Minho, Portugal they use red or white wine) or a sugar syrup, then its dipped in eggs and fried. Its much like French toast although once you try it, you may agree with me about it being slightly different and better tasting. Much like the French name, pain perdu (lost bread), the rabanada is usually made from bread that is about to go stale, thus the reason for soaking it in something such as milk to soften it up again.

Rabanadas (pronounced ha-ba-nadas) are part of the Portuguese Christmas tradition, which is likely how they spread to Brazil. They are normally served with cinnimon and sugar sprinkles or topped with a sugar syrup or honey. In the old days, the dessert was known as rabanada only in northern Portugal while towards the south, it was referred to as the patia-dourada (golden slice). In Brazil, its a typical plate of Christmas dinner, being rarely consumed outside of this holiday season.

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7 thoughts on “Rabanadas – French Toast Brazilian Style

  1. Many Brazilians make “Rabanada” with “vanila” in the milk and that is exactly how you make “French toast”, eggs, milk, vanila and bread, fried and covered with Cinamon…

    • Hi Randy, in the States, there’s no vanilla added….at least not in my house growing up or anyone else’s house I’ve been to. What I do know is French toast is my favorite breakfast and when I’ve had rabanadas, they were quite different. The difference is in the type of bread, the extra long soaking of the bread (in milk), and the covering of cinnamon and sugar afterwards.

  2. Assim como a Polyana eu nunca tinha associado com French Toast e olha que eu amo a french toast. Eu estava procurando uma receitinha basica para fazer aqui no Natal. Estou sempre tentando impressionar a familia americana com receitas do Brasil e vice versa. E onde mais eu poderia achar essa receita?? No seu blog claro. Beijos querido.

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