Brazilian-Portuguese Internet Slang

Internet Slang

vc, cê = você (you)

eh = é (it is, that’s right, confirmation)

neh = né (isn’t it)

num = nem (don’t even)

naum, ñ = não (no)

rs, rsrsrs, kkk, huhauhauha, = risos (lol)

hj= hoje (today)

fds, findi = fim-de-semana (weekend)

k, q, oq = que/o que (what)

td= tudo.

blz= beleza (beauty) Beleza means “beauty” literally, but it can also be used as “alright”.

Oi, e ai, blz? (hi. how are you (is everything alright)?)
blz (yea. its alright)
vamos sair hj?
blz. (ok. alright)

tbm= também

qq = qualquer (any)

bjs, bjoo, bjks = beijos (kisses, goodbye)

t + = até mais (until later)

soh = só (only, just)

vô = vou (I go)

tô, toh = estou (I am)

tá, tah = esta (you are, he, she, it is)

anything with an extra ‘h’ is because the person writing doesnt want to put an accent on the letter.

ahnram – equal to uh-huh (also as in, yeah-right)

hein? = equal to huh, right?

hum – equal to um (Brazilians don’t use ‘um’ because in Portuguese it means ‘one’)

cúe? = qual é? (what’s it to you? what’s the problem?)

fdp = filho da puta (son of a b****)

aff= shock interjection, used for both positive or negative impressions. It derives from Ave, which comes from Ave-Maria.

putz = another shock interjection (normally for something thats hard to believe)

po, poh = porra (shit, what the hell)

pqp= puta que o pariu = damn! if translated literally, its very impolite.


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22 thoughts on “Brazilian-Portuguese Internet Slang

  1. “Ta” Verb

    1P / Eu = Tou (I’m)
    1P / Tu = Tás (you are)
    1P / Ele = Tá (he=ele, she=ela)

    2P / Nós = Tamos (we are)
    2P / Vós = Tais (you are)
    2P / Eles = Tão (they are)

    Tá bem com vc? (Treu = Está bem com você?)
    How are you?

    Pare com iss. Eles tão bem pakas (True = Pare com isso. Eles estão muito bem)
    Stop! They’re very good!

    Brazilians use web site for contact as yours friends.

  2. Hi Adam,
    Thank you, muito obrigada for this post! It’s very helpful in the times of facebook & Co. I’m from Switzerland and now finally understand my brazilian friends’ e slang ;)

      • I want to thank you so much for replying so quickly with that!

        I wonder if you could translate this?? I know it’s a bit long, but I have a Brazilian boyfriend, and I’ve come across some things that lead me to believe he is cheating on me. If you could translate this conversation between him and another girl that would be great. I only saw the last part before i freaked out a bit- i know it says something like, sorry for your girlfriend… but the rest of it i’m really iffy on.

        Maybe just copy/paste it and leave the translation next to the original sentence with a dash?

        I promise I won’t ask to translate anything else!
        xo – I will send you all kinds of happy vibes and hope good karma comes your way :)

        him: Bom dia flor!

        her: bom dia

        him: Sera que vc vai me deixar te ver oj chatinha?

        her: kkkkk

        him: Tem que chora ne cnao nao da geito vc, o maldade


        him: O to off oj a noite toda oj seria perfeito, vc ja acorda aqui do lado das suas casitas

        her: kkkk ate parece que vou durmi ai rs

        him:uai c trabalha aqui do lado, nao presisa fazer nada, e so c diverti, to oferecendo qual o problema
        him:chatinha linda

        her: ok a beth tully nao vai ta ai nao ne?
        her: kkkk ate parece, vc e comedia… lembra nao tenho 18 anos e sim 28 rs.

        him: quer que eu chame ela?
        him: c eu chamar ela vem haha
        him: e vc vai trazer o cantor de pagode?

        her: melhor pra vc.

        him: eu nao presiso disso
        him:to convindando pra curti aqui vc que ta ai preocupada

        her: aiai. Vc realmente acha que sou uma otaria… Primeiro lugar nao saio com homem que tem namorada, segundo odeio joguinhos, terceiro me esquece

        him:vc que me esquece hehe
        him: vc que joga joginho
        him: melhor ter uma namorada doque varios cara

        her: ai ai chega ne… sua mascara caiu, e te fala a verdade prefiro 10 mil vez o tony que vc, pelomenos ele e homem de fala a verdade. Eu sabia esse tempo todo
        her: que vc tinha essa namorada, queria ver ate adonde iria com esse jogo, so que nao tenho tempo pra isso… various cara? Querido vc ta muito enganado, mais de
        her: boa, seja feliz,.isso e se vc pode ser com tantas mentiras. E essa e minha ultima mensage.

        him: c cuide
        him: nunca menti pra vc guria c liga sua coitada, eu tinha acabado com ela, mas a gente ta voltando, cuida da tua vidinha que da minha vc nao sabe nada.
        him: e esse e minha ultima mensagem, e pense bem antes de abria a boca pra falar o meu nome pra esse lixo ai que vc conhece porque comigo o buraci e bem mais embaixo.

        her: pode fica desprelcupado pq na verdade eu tenho e vergonha de fala conheci uma pessoa como vc. Agora de boa, para com as mensagem k… fica na paz

        him: coitada

        her: coitada da sua namorada kkk… ate mais

      • Hi Nicole

        I don’t have time for the time being to translate it but you won’t have luck using Google because there’s lot of errors, not to mention some internet slang. It’s basically a back and forth where he tries to get her to come over for some ‘fun’ and she’s not trying to hear it cause she knows he has a girlfriend. That’s why she’d never go out with a guy like him, she prefers a real man. Then he gets mad and they argue a tiny bit. They won’t be talking anymore from what I read. Towards the end, he mentions he ended it with you but that now you’re getting back together (while in the meantime, he’s chatting up this girl).

        Hope that helps

  3. what does this mean? “nao quer um bejo meu”
    and is there any site that can translate portuguese to english accurately?

    • “You/he/she doesn’t want my kiss” (ie, a kiss from me). Try Google Translate, though you might need bejo spelled correctly (beijo).

  4. pq = por que

    Do you have a good translation for

    Is that kind of like “open a can of whoop a**?”

  5. to the person who asked what tmj means…. I think that could mean “tamo junto” which is a way to say like “we’re together” or “i’m with you”

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