Lenine – Rhythms from Recife to Rio

One of my favorite singers has to be Lenine. I believe I accidently stumbled upon him while listening to a Fernanda Abreu song he played on called “Jack Soul Brasileiro” (a play on Já sou brasileiro, meaning I’m already Brazilian). I’ve seen him live too, at a very small and private venue and it was only $20! He’s not for everyone, as he normally plays an alternative rock (although not always, as you will see below), but those who like him seem to really like him.

He was born in Recife and later on moved to Rio de Janeiro to further his musical career. His real name is Osvaldo Lenine Macedo Pimentel, but everyone knows him solely as Lenine. Not only is he a singer, but he composes, arranges his own music and has played with many other Brazilian singers.

Here’s a music video he did called Hoje Eu Quero Sair Só (Today I just want to get out)

And my favorite song of his (tough to have a real favorite!), O Último Pôr-do-Sol (The Last Sunset)


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