Portuguese in the Kitchen

I figured this could be useful for those readers who love food and cooking in general! Technically in English, utensils and appliances overlap a little if you are looking at their definitions, but in normal speech, utensils are only used for silverware and the like, while appliances are more electrically-powered things. 

Utensils- Utensílios

Fork – O Garfo
Spoon – A Colher
Knife – A Faca
Bowl – A Tigela
Cup – O Copo, A Xicara
Plate – O Prato
Dishes – A Louça 

Appliances/Tools – Aparelhos/Ferramentos de Cozinha

Microwave – A Microonda/O Forno de Microondas
Fridge – A Geladeira
Freezer – O Congelador
Toaster – A Torradeira
Scale – A Balança
Blender – O Liquidificador
Dishwasher – A Máquina de lavar louça
Stove – O Fogão
Oven – O Forno
Mixer – A Batedeira
Can Opener – O Abridor de latas
Oven Mitt – A luva térmica / Um par de luvas térmicas
Frying Pan – A Frigideira
Pan – A Panela
Pressure pan – A Panela de pressão 

Condiments – Condimentos 

Salt – O Sal
Pepper – A Pimenta
Ketchup – O Ketchup
Mustard – A Mostarda
Mayonaisse – A Maionese

The Rest…

Garlic – O Alho
Onion – A Cebola

Oil – O Oléo 
Olive Oil – O Azeite
Vinegar – O Vinagre

Chair – A Cadeira
Highchair – A Cadeirinha
Stool – O Banco
Sink – A Pia (da cozinha)
Faucet – A Torneira
Counter – O Balcão
Cupboard – O Armário
Table – A Mesa (de jantar)
Tray/Platter – O Tabuleiro/A Bandeja
Garbage Bin – A Lixeira
Aluminum Foil – O Papel alumínio

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