Travel Writing makes me wonder/wander

Sometimes I see certain articles on Brazil that make me stop for a second and wonder who is eating up the writer’s words, who is reading and accepting opinions as facts. I not only wonder about these people, but the way that Brazil is sometimes displayed to foreigners makes me want to wander off to another site.

Here’s an article found on and one would hope they would have a real Brazilian check it out to see if it matches reality. Not only is it an article about São Paulo that talks about Rio at certain parts, but it acts as more like an advertisement for these few hotels and discos more than something actually informative and full of more than just advertisements.

Some questions he left out. First of all, are there better and more interesting things to write a story about than rich people in the richest Brazilian state? If he thinks not, there are better questions to be answered. Why are they rich? What kinds of professions are they in? In which areas do they live? How do they live richly? Do they go abroad to buy things or are there places to buy the things they like in São Paulo or in Brazil?  and if I spent a few more minutes, I’m sure I’d think of a few more questions. Edit: Here’s one last question…Why did you place a picture of the MASP (Museum of Art São Paulo) as your photo? It isn’t a place for the super-rich…


2 thoughts on “Travel Writing makes me wonder/wander

  1. I am from Brasilia, looking for my city I´ve found your blog. There is something about the JK Bridge. I thank you for the complement about the bridge.

    Gustavo Serrate

  2. You’re so right. What an obnoxious article! The same thing could be written about a stroll along Madison Avenue in Manhattan and the shops where you have to be buzzed in. And God forbid that an upper crust New Yorker would have to talk with a plebe! I can imagine that conversation being less friendly and more alienating….

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