Life in the Sugarcane Fields

A Vida em Cana (In Cane for Life)

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Winner of the 2002 International Press Academy Golden Satellite Award for Best Motion Picture Documentary, and other 13 international awards. The film was shot (for only $30,000) during the 7 months of the Brazilian sugar cane harvest, portraying the life of what may be the last generation of Brazil´s 800,000 sugar cane cutters. In 2000 the National Congress ruled that by 2015 practically all harvest will have to be mechanized, therefore slowly eliminating the burning of the cane. Machines thar cut and equivalent of 200 men a day are substituting workers…social problems in small cane dependent towns are arising while thousands are being laid off.

4 thoughts on “Life in the Sugarcane Fields

  1. Great vids Adam. History, culture, and Portuguese is a wonderful piece of pie to wake up to. Really cool to know where the sugar in my OJ comes from.

  2. Adam, como e mesmo que a gente fala folgado em ingles? Eu esqueci e alguem me perguntou. Agradeco se puder me ajudar mais uma vez. E nao precisa publicar esse comentario se nao quiser. Abracos

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