Alexia Bomtempo – Doce like Honey

I was browsing new Brazilian compositions when I found a great CD called Doces Cariocas and when I heard a song called Chuvisco on the disc, I had to find out who sang it. After I did a little digging, I pulled up a little info on this beautiful singer, which I’ll post below.

“Born in Washington DC, Brazilian-American singer/songwriter Alexia Bomtempo has lived most of her 23 years of age in Rio de Janeiro. After studying voice in New England for 3 years, Alexia returned to Brazil, where she has been performing frequently at well-known clubs in the music circuit. Her many songwriting partners include Pierre Aderne, Dadi and Mú Carvalho, among others. With a voice that has been described as a delight to contemporary Brazilian popular music, Alexia recently got signed to EMI for her first album called “Astrolábio”, which was produced by Dadi.”

I’ll post a few Youtube videos and a picture I found on the Brazilian internet portal UOL. She’s definitely one to watch out for!

Roxanne (Sting cover)

Quanto Tempo (partnership with Pierre Aderne)

3 thoughts on “Alexia Bomtempo – Doce like Honey

  1. preciso contato de voces estou montando um novo restaurante em angra no pirats mall e tenho vontade de ter alguns dias musica ao vivo Marcos velloso almirantado saco do ceu ilha grande

  2. The United States is waiting for this amazing young woman…an artist…vocalist…who will move the souls of anyone hears her. She also has an incredible gift in her writing…

    EMI Brasil would do well to market her in the States!

    I am in New England waiting for a Northeast tour.

    Congratulations! Alexia!

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