Brazil and France – Musical ties

I’d love to write a huge post on the similarities and differences between French music and Brazilian music but I’m going to keep it simple this time and name a few connections I’ve seen in recent times. 

Pierre Aderne – Born in France, Lives in Rio

Márcio Faraco – Born in Brazil, Lives in France

Christophe Mae – Born in France, Lives in France (but made a video in Brazil and has a Port. last name)

Below is his video ‘On s’attache’ (I think it means ‘one gets attached’)

Also there’s Jano (Jean Leguay) who isn’t a musician but is an artist from France. In 2001, he made a documentary in Rio de Janeiro called ‘Rio de Jano’ in which he draws the landscapes and the people. Since the film’s site is a bit out of date, heres an example or two of his work.


One thought on “Brazil and France – Musical ties

  1. And that link goes way back to the French composer Darius Milhaud who was in Brasil in the second decade of the nineteenth century. He introduced the music of Ravel and Satie et al to composers like Villa Lobos (who later went to France) while Ernesto Nazareth and Villa Lobos showed him the Brazilian street music.

    Milhaud wrote several Brasil-inspired works like the finale of Scaramouche, for two pianos (at the 6’30” mark on this link: Meanwhile, some of Villa Lobos’s music from that period has a definite French bent, like the first movement of his Prole do bebe suite, A Branquinha, boneca de louça,

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