Luis Fernando Verissimo

Luís Fernando Veríssimo (born September 26, 1936 in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil) is a Brazilian writer.

Verissimo is the son of Brazilian writer Erico Verissimo and lived with his father in the United States during his childhood.

Verissimo states that he had tried many things before writing. In a lecture for the students of journalism atUnisinos, Verissimo said that “at the age of 31 and realizing that I hadn’t worked out on anything, I decide to try it on as a writer, after an invitation of Jornal Zero Hora (of Porto Alegre)”.

Most of his works have a humorous tone. Among his short stories, those featuring the Analista de Bagé (The Psychoanalist from Bagé a hilarious mix of the refinement of psychoanalysis and hillybilly backwardness), Ed Mort (a dirt-poor private detective, whose stories are told in a parodical style), and A Velhinha de Taubaté (The Old Lady from Taubaté, the last person to still believe what politicians say) are some of the most successful ones. Verissimo also writes for television comedy shows.

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