Living in Bahia – Architectural Photography

I recently bought a great book on Bahian architecture, which not only shows the homes of various architects but also the houses they have designed. One of the houses included is that of Caetano Veloso. If you are into tropically-inspired architecture, this book will definitely give you some great ideas. If you speak German or French, translations are included on each page. 

“We have searched high and low for Bahia’s loveliest homes and spots, from typical fisherman’s huts to sophisticated modern homes. Highlights include a treehouse by sculptor and environmentalist Frans Krajeberg, a house made of corals owned by American actor Jamie Grange Stuart, an experimental house with a bamboo roof, and a house perched on a cliff built by artist Calazans.”

Living in Bahia (


2 thoughts on “Living in Bahia – Architectural Photography

  1. Muito interessante.
    Falando em livros, não sei se você gosta da obra de Machado de Assis, mas tem um livro maravilhoso chamado “Dicionário Machado de Assis – ontem, hoje e sempre”, que não contém significado de palavras, como nos outros dicionários. Para cada letra, vem alguma frase de alguma grande obra.
    Muito, muito bacana.

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