Hotel Unique – São Paulo


Building: Hotel Unique
Architect: Ruy Ohtake
Project Year: 1999
Construction: 2002

Avenida Brigadeiro Luis Antonio
4700 – Jardim Paulista
São Paulo 01402-002


“Upon defining the form, as a long inverted arch (almost 100 meters in length) with two lateral concrete gables, we looked to characterize it with the concept of an urban hotel. The access to the hotel is through a large empty space to the right side and the Center of Events is, symmetrically, through the large empty space to the left. These two empty spaces, that start at 25 meters high, constitute a strong element towards the urban characterization of the site.

The circular windows, at 1.8 meters in diameter, allow for a dynamic composition on the façade, accentuated by the encasing of pre-oxidized copper slabs in three shades of green.

The hotel is composed of 6 floors (totaling 96 apartments). On the ground level, which has a curved double high ceiling, one can find the reception, bar and help desk, where an entire transparent glass wall was installed, making it possible to have a “conversation” between the hotel lobby and the city street outside. The restaurant, on the roof, with the necessary levity, obtained with details of glass and metallic structure, has a privileged view of São Paulo. The center of events, on the first lower level, containing modulated event halls, can make room for 1,500 people. And, three lower levels complete the building, for parking and infrastructure.

The internal space accompanies the external design: the apartment corridors are curved, allowing natural light to enter the circular windows. The apartments at either end have unusual characteristics: the floor ascends in a curve, rescuing the design of the façade, until it meets up with the surface, provoking a totally unique space.” – Ruy Ohtake (in PT)


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