Elis Regina – Ladeira da Preguiça

This was supposed to be a simple video with a translation of a few lines of the song included…but as you can see, it has grown! Thanks for the comments everyone! Quanta falta ela nos faz!

Here are some lyrics from the first Youtube clip below as well as a short explanation of the song’s name.

This steep street, what steep street is this?
This is the steep street of laziness
It is not recent
It is from since back when
One would tie down a dog with linguiça*

* – ‘se amarrava cachorro com linguiça’ figuratively means ‘the good ol’ days’

The song was written by Gilberto Gil, who is from Bahia. In the colonial days, the ‘ladeira da preguiça’ was a steep street the African slaves had to climb up while carrying large crates/sacks of goods on their backs. They were injustly called ‘lazy’ by the Portuguese settlers, thus the phrase ‘steep street of laziness’. It seems Gil wrote a regular song while creating a new meaning for the racist phrase.

“De acordo com a antropóloga, a ladeira da Preguiça, no centro de Salvador, é símbolo do preconceito. Nos tempos da escravidão, e também depois dela, quem reclamava da íngreme travessia, carregando nas costas as mercadorias desembarcadas no porto, eram os negros – “preguiçosos” na visão desdenhosa dos brancos que, das janelas de seus sobrados, gritavam: “Sobe, preguiça!”.” – Fonte

Ladeira da Preguiça

As a bonus, here she is again…twice!

20 Anos Blues

Se Eu Quiser Falar Com Deus (obrigado pela recomendação, muito boa!)

8 thoughts on “Elis Regina – Ladeira da Preguiça

  1. Thanks for posting, but now I’m going to be up all night seeing the rest of the clips from that amazing show! Can someone translate “baguilha” and what “Que nem lá” mean? Thanks again, Dennis

  2. Its a great show she did for TV Cultura in 1973. Its for sale online and also the ‘free’ version unless you wish to see it as clips via Youtube.

    Well, I’m not sure this was a slang term back then but these days, bagulha (not baguilha) means cocaine. Perhaps its misspelled? Braguilha means the part of a pair of pants where the zipper is. Que nem lá I would assume means ‘Just like (over) there’ as to use in a sentence ‘que nem’ means ‘just like…’ (como). Ex. ‘Ele tem uma casa grande que nem eu’

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