Possible Precedent for Indigenous Tribes

An Indian of the Amazonian Koruba tribe protests in Brasilia on 10 December

“In one part of the court room, in among lawyers, politicians and other activists, sat members of Brazil’s indigenous tribes – some dressed in traditional headgear with tribal paint on their faces.

On the other, a group of rice farmers and their leaders – less distinctive in their clothing but, it seemed, no less determined.

Map showing location of reserve

Both groups were there to hear Brazil’s Supreme Court deliver a landmark decision over the rights of the country’s indigenous people.

The court had been asked to rule on whether an indigenous reservation, which stretches over 1.7m hectares (4.2m acres) in the Amazonian state of Roraima, should remain a single unbroken territory.

The area, known as Raposa Serra do Sol, which translates roughly as “land of the fox and hill of the sun”, is home to up to 20,0000 indigenous people and was declared an official indigenous reservation in 2005.

Indian leaders viewed the case as setting a crucial precedent regarding the protection of their rights and ancestral lands, with implications for all of Brazil’s indigenous communities.

Their fear, they said, was that a ruling against them would be a signal to land grabbers, prospectors and loggers that it would be acceptable to invade their territory.

An adverse judgement would also create a set of “islands”, weakening the whole concept of an indigenous community, they said.”

The rest of the article can be seen here at BBC.

3 thoughts on “Possible Precedent for Indigenous Tribes

  1. Oi Adam! Sou o Thiago,do Orkut.The problem about Raposa..is that, at the same time we have to protect indian rights and farmers should not occupy those lands to destroy amazon with plantations,we’re afraid that indians let foreigners come and do whatever they want when WE could enjoy those lands’ potential.Well about the list of writers on the site:I suggest you to read any Martha Medeiros and Hilda Hilst’s chronicles.They’re great.Another great book is “Casa Das Sete Mulheres”(i’m sure you heard of it ;D)that tells a bit of my state’s history from the eyes of a woman and her diary.A TV series was made based on it.Abraço!

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