Só Hoje – Jota Quest

Just Today – Jota Quest
Today I need to find you somehow
Even if its just to take you home
After an ordinary day
To look into your eyes of easy promises
And to kiss your mouth in a way that makes you laugh

Today I need to hug you
To smell the scent of your clean clothes
So that I can forget my anxieties and sleep in peace
Today I need to hear any word from you
Any exagerated phrase that’ll make me happy
To be alive

Today I need to drink some coffee, to hear you breathing
Telling me I’m the cause of your insomnia
That I always do everything wrong

Today I’m in need of you
In whatever kind of mood, with any kind of smile
Today your presence
Is going to make me happy
Just today 

This is a great song because I’m sure we’ve all felt that right
or wrong, sometimes the presence of someone can make a difference.

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