Arnaldo Antunes – Rocker and a Poet


Arnaldo Antunes (born on September 2, 1960), is a writer and composer from Brazil. He began as a member of the band Aguilar e Banda Performática in the late 1970s. For most of the 1980s he was a member of the famous rock band Titãs. After 1992 he had six solo albums. Since 1992 he has been an award winning poet, but he was first published in 1983. He is noted abroad for collaborations with Marisa Monte. Later on in 2002, he took part in a collaboration effort between Marisa Monte and Carlinhos Brown, in which they dubbed themselves Os Tribalistas (The Tribalists). The CD was a major success, starting with the single Já Sei Namorar.

Essa Mulher

Sem Você

Volte Para Seu Lar, Socorro, Seu Olhar, Não Vou Me Adaptar, and the first song I ever heard of his, Fora de Si.

2 thoughts on “Arnaldo Antunes – Rocker and a Poet

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  2. Hi, I’m Diana Lima and I really liked your idea here. I’m a Brasilian and I’m here to read and understand your point of viewabout us. Good idea, really great!

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