Dreaming in American documentary

Governador Valadares in Minas seems to have some competition! I’m sure this new documentary, about what happens to a town when most of its inhabitants leave, will cover the most relevant issues involved with the GV story too. In the meantime, I’ll be waiting for Fall 2009 when its available…

“Brazil on the brain this spring, lustful dreams of beaches, carnival, sex, and drugs?  It’s still a little-known fact that a few Santa Fe locals spent two months this winter in another kind of Brazil. Nestled in the lush green hill country of the interior, they found something completely different than what most Americans expect—the sleepy little town of Resplendor exists in a parallel universe.  Almost.  With current statistics reporting a population of 17,000, the community has “…been displaced by a staggering 40 percent through a wave of immigration to the United States; it celebrated its 70th anniversary with half the town missing. There is literally not one family remaining who doesn’t have a relative in the US,” said the filmmakers of Dreaming in American, Sara Dosa, Milla Dias Araujo, Eliot Gray Fisher, and Zoe Bird.

Why leave the appeal of beautiful, idyllic farm life in such mass exodus?  Why take off for the cities in such large numbers, departing from fresh, cheap produce, family-raised meat, hot weather that leaves small need for much clothing or shelter, and days spent motorcycling through fields and planting coffee followed by evenings of singing and eating homemade cheeses?  A group of graduates from College of Santa Fe’s Documentary Studies program teamed up with US friends and local Brazilians this winter to compile a research project on the phenomenon of immigration from the rural state of Minas Gerais, where Resplendor is located, to big city America.” – Source

For more info, here’s the filmmakers site!

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