Andruchak & his Geometric visions

(Andruchak – Painel2 – Brasil – Tecnosfera – 2008 – acryllic on canvas)

Colorindo - Andruchak
(Andruchak – Colorindo – 202x480cm – 2007 – acrylic on canvas) 

“Andruchak is a painter and a professor of art. He works with figurative and abstract themes using a neo-cubism form to his colorful style called ‘Geometricism’. Involved in painting panels with large sizes, he uses art as an ideological tool to promote the achievement of cultural growth where he is working. The Brazilian artist and painter Marcos Andruchak creates magnificent sensitively rendered works in an unusual approach to geometricism which he customizes for each work. Unconventional perspectives, the accurate application of paints, a multicolored border and the deletion of orienting details are characteristic of his style. This method creates a tension between what is seen and unseen, forcing the audience to extrapolate the message and participate in the act of creation. His works deal with a variety of modern approaches including visions that display a remarkable wealth of talent for rendering the natural world by a geometrical view. ”
Fine Art America


“My art has been with me my whole life. I express myself through my art by painting from the heart. I create my own worlds, my own perspective. I want the viewers to come away seeing this world in a magical way.”  – Marcos Andruchak

(Andruchak – Barco na garrafa – 2004)

(Andruchak – Engenharia – 2004)

For more of his works, see his flickr page and the flickr page for his Santos Dumont exposition. For his professional site (in PT), go here!


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