Endossa – Retail Collective in SP


Interesting concept that a store called Endossa out of São Paulo is playing/working with. Apparently, its a retail store with a bunch of cubbies and small spaces and every four weeks, the products are swapped out for other small-time designers and entrepreneurs to have their chance to showcase their work. Its basically a consignment store minus the commission off the products they sell. You as the designer, set the price and decide what will be sold there while the store provides you with the physical space and the access to the customers plus an online accompaniment of your remaining stock and sales.


Think thats cool? There’s more! You’re probably wondering how Endossa makes money. Well, the spaces are rented per month for anywhere from R$100-R$350 so basically you as the designer want to sell more than you are paying for renting the space. If you come up short over three consecutive months, it acts like a popular vote and you are restricted from selling the fourth month in an effort to make way for new products.  

For everything from more info on how it works to where its located, try their FAQ (in PT).


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