Tecnobrega catching on

“In the early hours of the morning in the Amazonian city of Belem, Brazil a dockside warehouse is shaking to the sound of tecnobrega.

In this humid atmosphere, the beer is flowing and thousands of young people are dancing and enjoying what has become a music phenomenon among some of the poorest districts of the city.

Tecnobrega is a mix of electronic beats of music from the 1980s and catchy “brega” which essentially means cheesy or tacky sounds – a combination that is very easy to dance to.

Sometimes it is based on old songs that were hits, but up to 80% involves new compositions.

It might not appeal to everyone – but here in Belem, near the mouth of the Amazon river – the formula has proved a stunning success.

“Tecnobrega is a regional music, the music that people here in [the state of] Para most enjoy,” says DJ Edilson.

“The secrets are the beats which drive people crazy.”

But it is not just the music that is different. It is the way it is produced and reaches the public that makes tecnobrega stand out, some of which is not unique to Brazil.”

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