Ilha dos Papagaios – Parrot Hotel?

(cc-by Philipp Weigell)

Not too far off the coast of Belém, there’s an island where tons of papagaios (parrots) flock every night. The trip to the island is sometimes used by tour operators to promote eco-tourism in the region. Even though the parrots are a threatened species, their beautiful colors have made them somewhat of a main attraction to conservation programs.

The parrots of Belém are known in English as Orange-winged Amazons and in Portuguese as Papagaios-do-Mangue (Mangrove Parrots). During the night, they create a collective dormitory on the island and sleep on the tops of the trees. Below, you can get an idea of what it would be like to see the early morning phenomenon on the Ilha dos Papagaios in the Baía de Guajará (the bay surrounding Belém).


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