The Priest of Pará – Profiles

“Father Henri Des Roziers is a Dominican priest and human rights lawyer working in Pará, one of Brazil’s most violent regions. For the past three years his daily life has been overshadowed by 24-hour police protection. His bodyguard is always just a step away. This has been made necessary by the death threats he receives from those opposed to his work with Pará’s landless communities.

The murder of an American nun, Sister Dorothy Stang, in the same region only two years ago – suggests the danger is very real. As with Sister Dorothy, 78 year old Father Henri, has turned his faith into a lifelong commitment to help those from poor, rural communities. Many who have either little or no right to land, or to justice for human rights violations.

In the Priest of Pará, Nick Maes is given a privileged insight into Father Henri’s life and his faith. He investigates the links between his religious vocation and his job as a lawyer. Why is fighting for the poor in Pará a cause he would give his life for? Nick talks to those who live and work with him, those who support him and those who do not.”

BBC (click to listen to the 20-odd minute audio documentary on Father Henri)


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