Getting in and out of Belém (by plane)

In the post on the basics of Belém, I covered things like where Belém is on a map, its history and included an English-language video giving a quick tour of Belém’s attractions. Many people travelling into and out of the city, however, are looking for even more practical information such as how to arrive, what to do and how to depart. So ‘vamos lá!‘ (lit. ‘let’s go there’, fig. ‘let’s get on with it’).

Aereal Distances (BEL)

City, State – Airport Code

São Luis, MA – SLZ
299 mi (482 km).
Flight – 1hr;

Teresina, PI – THE
466 mi (750 km).
Flight – 2hr 25min;

Manaus, AM – MAO
803 mi (1,292 km).
Flight – 1hr 5min;

Brasília, DF – BSB
990 mi (1,593 km).
Flight – 2hr 15min;

Cuiabá, MT – CGB
1,105 mi (1,778 km).
Flight – 4hr 50min (layover);

Belo Horizonte, MG – CNF/PLU
1,311 mi (2,111 km).
Flight – 5hr 35min (layover);

Rio de Janeiro, RJ – GIG/SDU
1,523 mi (2,451 km).
Flight – 3hr 40min;

São Paulo, SP – GRU/CGH
1,530 mi (2,463 km).
Flight – 3hr 20min;

Florianópolis, SC – FLN
1,805 mi (2,905 km).
Flight – 6hr (layover).

As you can obviously tell, Belém is kind of on its own, that being said, the flight times aren’t too bad. All of the flight times were checked on TAM and the distances were checked here (distances by bus or ‘rodoviária’ are there too). On my post about the Int’l airport of Belém, I covered which airlines fly in and out of Belém.

In the future, I’ll be doing some posts on both bus lines and boat companies servicing the region. For now, let me leave you with a few terms you’ll need to know for flying within Brazil.

Flight Terms

Vôo – Flight
Ida e volta – Roundtrip
Ida (somente ida) – One-way
Bilhete/Passagem (aérea) – Ticket
Partida – Departure
Chegada – Arrival
Retorno – Return
Decolagem – Takeoff
Aterrisagem/Pouso/Desembarque – Landing
Atraso – Delayed
Escala – Layover
Aeromoço/Aeromoça – Steward/Stewardess


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