Luiz Braga – Profiles

I’d like to start a series of profiles where I can highlight personalities of Belém, so here’s the first one…

“Luiz Braga was born in Belém, Pará in 1956. He took up photography at the age of 11. In 1975 he set up his first studio producing portraits, advertising and architectural photography. He graduated in architecture in 1983.

In 1987 he was awarded the Marc Ferrez prize for the photo essay A margem do olhar (The edge of the gaze), shot in black and white, in which he produced a portrait of the Caboclo Amazon. Braga has made this region his central theme, particularly his hometown, which is the setting for most of the pictures that have featured in his more than 70 collective and individual exhibitions in Brazil and abroad.

His images, which emerge from the photographic act already full of surreal colours, have, in recent years, given the alteration of the colour standard used in film, begun to receive some light tampering with image treatment programs in order to re-establish the distortions so characteristic of the artist’s work.

In 1991 he received the prestigious Leopold Godowsky Color Photography Award, from Boston University, precisely for the originality and control with which he captures the clash between the natural light and the artificial light of bars, parks and riverboats, always using the distortion of the colour temperature readings of day light balanced film to craft his poetic.” – Source

The Magical Universe of Ver-o-peso Market


“The Mercado is a true museum. A living museum of knowledge, full of colors, tastes, smells, shouts and singing. Popular festivals, religious rituals, handmade products and all of it is a gamut of images of human values which are made real through this chronicle,” explains Luiz.”

Launched in Belém and in SP (São Paulo), it’s available at Livraria da Vila (SP) and at Fox Vídeo and Newstime (Belém), as well as directly from the author 91.32230724 or Editora Modernsign 11.38910002. The book has 98 images within its 132 pages and texts by Milton Hatoum and J. Jesus Paes Loureiro. Sponsered by Natura. Price: R$45,00 (US$20).

Luiz Braga’s main site with examples of his work is here. His email is


2 thoughts on “Luiz Braga – Profiles

  1. You should add Lyoto Machida to the profiles section. He is the current UFC lightheavyweight champion of the world. He won the title on May 23, 2009 is a second generation resident of Belem. The expectation that he will remain undefeated is so great that this period of time has been dubbed “The Machida Era”. If he isn’t already, he will undoubtedly become the most famous resident of Belem for years to come.

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