Brazilian Farwest – Legião Urbana in English

On Youtube, there’s a user who translated a very famous 9-minute song from Legião Urbana, called Faroeste Caboclo (Mestizo Western). Not only did he translate it, but he ‘sung’ it in English. On the video’s side notes, he admits he’s a bad singer but it’s still a good attempt at an interesting idea. My Brazilian friends and I got together the other week and tried to sing the original ourselves (sans a lyrical reference) but after the halfway mark, no one could really remember the rest of the lyrics. Below, I’ll post the translated video and the original.

Here’s the lyrics in Portuguese.


2 thoughts on “Brazilian Farwest – Legião Urbana in English

  1. (Well, I’ll write in english for that’s language of the readers of this blog, I suppose):

    Hey, “Tudobeleza”! Very nice you have written about my video!
    That’s only a first version; now i’ve made lots of corrections on the lyrics.

    I use to argument to my critics that my strange english and accent would be a charm thing for the foreign public; and in fact it would seem to be a mark of the narrator of the story. Am I right?

    Other point: brazilian people usually use the word “caboclo” as “mestizo”, as you said. But in the dictionary there’s another meaning: “national”. Thus, I think it’s more likely that “Faroeste Caboclo” means “National Farwest”, and that’s why I wrote “Brazilian Farwest”, so people of other country would know of what Nation it talks about.

    At least: it’s a very cool blog. I like the list of annoying things in Brasil and I agree!!!

    Wilson Filho

  2. P.s.

    better saying:

    “Western” would realy be a more suitable word…
    but Farwest seemed to me more beautiful in the title.

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