Salvador Shopping forgets apartments

Salvador Shopping just began adding 201 new stores, bringing the grand total to 461 stores within the soon to be 298 meters sq. property (from its current 180 meters sq.). The parking complex will also be amplified, going from 4.2 thousand spaces to 6 thousand. Costwise, R$150 million is being invested with the new additions, which when added to the original cost, will total R$500,000,000. I think the only thing they forgot to add are apartments inside the mall.

Salvador has no shortage of malls (or shoppings, as they are called in ‘Portuguese’). The city is served by: Aeroclube Plaza Show, Caboatã Shopping, Casa Shopping Cidade, Out Let Center, Salvador Shopping, Shopping Baixo Dos Sapateiros, Shopping Barra, Shopping Boulevard 161, Shopping Brotas Center, Shopping Center Iguatemi, Shopping Center Lapa, Shopping Do Pelô, Shopping Imbuí Plaza, Shopping Itaigara, Shopping Orixás Center, Shopping Piedade, Shopping Sumaré.

My Take

Isn’t there something better to spend 500 million reals on? Education? Community-based projects like participatory budgeting? I find malls overrated and useless, much like my opinion of consumerism itself. They destroy the mom and pop stores and amalgamate the population against individualism and self-sustainability, not to mention turning them into zombies, fascinated by the bright lights and shiny things. If a product made anyone happy, as the marketing suggests, no one would need any other product for the rest of their life. Consumerism is nothing more than modern-day enslavement. I think Salvador already went through that in the colonial times.


2 thoughts on “Salvador Shopping forgets apartments

  1. It’s a catch 22. It creates a lot of jobs, but then a lot of people who work there can’t afford what they’re selling….but they spend all day looking at it so they want it even more.

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