Informal Portuguese – Come here!/Go away!

“There are four ways to say “come here!” in Portuguese. There’s “chega aqui”, “chega aí”, even though ‘aí’ technically means ‘there’ (within proximity). The other two ways are “vem ca” and “vem pra ca”. If you wish to add some color to the phrase, just repeat the verb at the end, such as “vem pra ca, vem?”

“Lots of ways to say “go away!” in Portuguese. There’s “sai!”, “sai daqui” (get out of here), “sai fora” and “cai fora”. One slang term would be “vaza!” from the verb “vazar” (to leak) and a clever way to tell someone to buzz off would be “vai ver se eu estou na esquina” (go see if I’m on the corner). That’s about it.”

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