Eat…Brazilian food?

(Alex Atala is considered the best chef in Brazil)

“HERE’S a novel idea: When in São Paulo, eat Brazilian food.

Well, perhaps not so novel for gastronomes who travel to Milan for osso buco, the French Riviera for bouillabaisse or the Yucatán for cochinita pibil. But for the Brazilian business capital’s restaurant-crazy natives — who can’t stop raving about the Italian bistro Due Cuochi Cucina and are quite sure Aizomê serves the best sashimi outside of Japan — that may be an odd concept.

The abundant praise for São Paulo’s dining scene has historically focused on its global range. Brazilian food, meanwhile, is what you eat at home or in rural roadside pit stops or at restaurants serving dirt-cheap, starch-heavy lunch specials known as “pratos feitos” (literally, “made plates”).

But the idea that Brazilian cuisine can hold its own is slowly taking hold in São Paulo, thanks to a new generation of chefs looking outward for technique but inward for ingredients and tradition. Attuned to the necessities of presentation by their (mostly) European training and conscious that the heaviness of traditional Brazilian dishes will never pass muster with the gym-going elite, they have created a movement that has given their own nation a new sense of pride in its culinary heritage.”

Source (more here)

In the story, they make prato feito sound like chopped liver when it’s one of my favorite dishes. Ok, so it’s not anything fancy…but it sure is good.


2 thoughts on “Eat…Brazilian food?

  1. Yooo Marcelooo…

    I can tell you, that not only dining but the whole gastronomical scene in São Paulo is ridiculously complete and yummy. Indeed, talking about sushis and sashimis, that’s extremely tasteful, how I miss those great Japanese-Brazilians restaurants I use to go to enjoy a superb and desireable food. Damn… and I’m not even talking about Pasta, Churrascarias, and the extreme self-service places with wonderful tropical – sure – salads.

    About the “prato feito”, lol, in fact the main workers who had their lunch at cheap restaurants are the ones who really have it.

    That’s silly ‘coz they give a description on multi-regional foods and even prato-feitos probably from good houses, such as Restaurantes Mineiros, Baianos, Nordestinos, which have damn good pratos-feitos. And theeeen you have as I told you about the cheap ones, those, prepared for quick-usual-daily lunch, server on Padarias and Lanchonetes ;]

    And well… I can say they are hella good, hahahahahah

    Peaceout, rapá!

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