There’s a Moor on the coast…

While reviewing some (Continental) Portuguese idioms online, I found one that stood out and thought I’d share it.

There’s a Moor on the coast…

Há Mouro na costa…

The Moors were the Muslim people from North Africa who lived in the Iberia Peninsula, and they were the archenemies of the catholic Portuguese (and Spanish). They were “a threat” for a number of centuries. This expression, however, has nothing to do with war. On the contrary, it is related to love. You say this when there’s a person threatening to invade someone’s heart.

One thought on “There’s a Moor on the coast…

  1. Hahahaha, never heard of it. Totally portuguese from Portugal.

    Actually the word mouro is raaaarely used in Brazil, you can find it on good books, poetries and blablabla. In the northeast they have a poetry style called “Literatura de Cordel”, where you might be able to find more often references to this word.

    Probably the total mix of races and geo-political sources all over the country made this link to the muslins {mouros} fall down by the end of XIX.

    peace ‘n love

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