Oriente – Márcio Faraco

written by Márcio Faraco
translation by Adam

Eyes of the Orient
Blind to our world
They only see the sun and the skies

Burning eyes of love
They are gagged
Made prisoners
of the gaze of God

But they see, those blinded eyes
They’re far from dull
Eyes closed to seeing
But open to imagination
Eyes abandoned even by solitude

Who will take care of these women
Silent slaves
Sewing a cloak
That will serve as their prison

(Lyrics in Portuguese)

Here’s what Faraco had to say about this song…

“I wrote this one eight years ago; I was impressed by those women in Kabul who lived at home like recluses. I’ve done a lot of work on it; we didn’t record it on the first trip to Rio either, I had to go back just to do this one.” It’s an afoxé, an Afro rhythm from Bahia over a cushioned tempo, a singular option for such a serious subject.”

In Portuguese, the Middle East is called Oriente Médio. When thinking of this song, given the context from Faraco himself, I take it to refer to the East, not specifically the Far East.

3 thoughts on “Oriente – Márcio Faraco

  1. I see, thank you. I just thought it was a reference to East Asian eyes but I guess I’m just paranoid, haha.

    Also, I noticed you live in SF. I live in Milpitas/Fremont, which you may not be familiar with, but do you know a good place to learn Portuguese in my area? San Jose and SF are a bit far.


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