Informal Portuguese – Cool

Here’s how to say ‘cool’ in Brazilian Portuguese. There’s ‘Legal’, ‘Bacana’, ‘Massa’, ‘Show (de bola)’, ‘Manero’, ‘Irado’, ‘Sinistro’ and for Portugal…’Fixe’.”

Let me know if ‘massa’ is only used in SP and the Northeast. Also, I believe ‘bacana’ is used primarily in SP, although understood in most places. Manero can also be spelled ‘Maneiro’ and technically, if you wanted to say ‘a cool way’, you could say ‘uma maneira maneira’ (maneira means ‘way’) although I’m sure that’s avoided for consfusion’s sake.

I forgot ‘animal’ (ah-ni-mawl) which is used in SP for something really good.

9 thoughts on “Informal Portuguese – Cool

  1. Cariocas use ‘manero’. Paulistas say ‘da hora’. Cataranenses say ‘é o bicho’, and Gauchos, say ‘Tri’.

  2. Hey I loved your blog! Very cool! I liked your video too. I am Brazilian from Rio de Janeiro and I totally agree with what you said about the regions. Here in Rio if you said “massa” people would tease you, but up north and west they say that frequently. Good pronounciation too, bro.

  3. I live in a city in Minas Gerais near Rio and many people tend to imitate them. however, is really common to hear “massa”, “beleza”, “bacana”. “Maneiro” is used on a more “not so good, but not that bad” like:

    “E o filme. O que achou? ”
    “Ah. meninrinho/maneiro. Esperava mais.”

    Show (de Bola) is more common among adults from 30+ .

    keep the good work.

  4. ah! and irado can be negative too…


    “Ela ficou irada com os alunos” (she got really angry with her students)
    “O cara tá irado!” (the guys is really angry!)

    ‘Irado(a)’ is the one who feels anger. (comes from Ira)

    and I dont know how to correct your ‘r’ pronunciation…


  5. Yeah I dont know about “irado” either. I thought it meant “angry” and pronounced as “irado” with a single flap r rather than the double rr “h” sound.

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