Caught looking

(O Globo)

Obama was caught checking out Mayara Rodrigues Tavares, a 17-year old Unicef representative from Rio. Tsc tsc! (In Portuguese, they don’t use the “k” as in “tsk”)

– It’s an inexplicable feeling. It’s hard to believe he could do something like that, but it seems I’m just one more woman trying to fight, in vain, for rights that aren’t respected. – said the adolescent, who goes to high school in Santa Cruz, a city in Rio.

The newscasters are pretending it was a badly interpreted moment…but I still have my doubts. Sarkozy, on the other hand, is guilty as charged.

Picture 1

Now, the Brazilian president is warming up to her too. Gordon Brown’s hand can’t be accounted for and the Indian Prime Minister is thinking about it.

; )

27 thoughts on “Caught looking

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  2. You have your doubts? Look at the video! He was looking at the ground, and helping other people to come um and down. Puhlease!

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  4. No, no…Obama’s looking at her strangely positioned foot – its much more interesting! Sarkozy on the other hand…

      • You know, I hated that I clicked onto this post. I felt like a sheep following the herd and I could care less who does or doesn’t look at someone’s butt, just as long as mine is appreciated now and again :), but I was joyfully surprised to see that your entire reason for posting WAS to have a laugh….which you gave to me…..which I will now go tag someone else with…


  5. Unwarranted media buzz is just as good as warranted media buzz. All press is great. Look at the stir it’s caused on WordPress. Defiantly not worth blogging about.

  6. He was looking at her butt, everyone knows it, the media is trying to cover for Obama. They watched her walking to the steps, and Obama played it off like he was looking at something on the ground. Washington and the media will say anything to defend Obama, from bowing to the king to not bowing to the king, from 57 states to Obama was tired, from looking at this girls butt to starring at something on the ground. People are covering because of the embarrassment toward his wife and kids. He was caught looking and a photographer caught the moment, drudge got it and the world see Obama doing a G8 scan, plain and simple

  7. I have it on good authority that there was actually a dropped dollar bill, and Obama was going to grab it and donate it to the homeless, but it blew away.

    The reason he wasn’t looking at her butt is because he is in touch with his feminine side, and it wouldn’t occour to him to do such a thing. Skarkozy isn’t quite so inherently PC, as you can see in the video.

    And that is a fiiiine butt!

    • I think you all need to occupy your time with something productive.

      If the purpose was to get a laugh, I guess some did. Looking at the video, we all know that it didn’t happen, so I don’t know where the funny is on a picture that is fake and out of context.

      The owner of this blog got views, so I guess one thing was accomplished. Is there substance here to keep these viewers coming back? In judging from this post, the answer is no.

      Go get a hobby, people.

      • Substance within the Obama post? No. Substance in my other 465 posts on all aspects of Brazilian culture and the Portuguese langauge? YES. Please do your homework before making a blanket statement.

  8. I understand freedom of speech, but sometimes, people should have to take an I.Q. test before they abuse it.

    Watch the video. It is clear what is happening, and it is nothing close what you as a racist wants it to be.

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