Batista Campos Plaza – The Best in Brazil


The Batista Campos Plaza lies in the center of the city of Belém, in between the Old City and the Emilio Goeldi Museum. I would think it to be a top destination as in 2005, it won the “100 Most Brazilian Prize” from the magazine Seleções, for being the most beautiful plaza in the entire country.

In the 19th century, the land belonged to Maria Manoela de Figueira e Salvaterra, and because of this, it was known as the Largo da Salvaterra (Salvaterra Square). When the owner died, the land became property of the municipality of Belém, which named it Sergipe Plaza in honor of the new Brazilian province.

In 1897, during the government of the superintendent Antônio Lemos, the plaza began to honor the principal personality of the Cabanagem Rebellion: Priest Batista Campos, who died in 1834. In that era, the land was just a large square with some mango trees and a general gantry. Three years later, when it was inaugurated on the 14th of Feburary, 1904, it was already one of the most beautiful plazas in Belém.

Staying true to the plan for a ‘garden without gates’, the plaza has 14 entrances. Later on, the walkways of the plaza received reinvestments in the form of Portuguese mosaics with Marajoran motifs. The plaza has a bandstand, waterways, brigdes and it is surrounded by native trees.

In 1983, the Batista Campos Plaza was remodeled by the municipality. In 1986, new equipment was added while it went through a restauration in search of characteristics lost at the start of the 20th century (during the first reform).


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