Saving Private Sloth(s)

(the actual picture from the museum)

“A young man saw a mother-and-son set of injured and emancipated bicho-preguiças (sloths) being sold for $25 at a fair in Belém, so he bought them and delivered them straight to the Emílio Goeldi Museum for care and observation, according to the institution.

The veterinarian that is taking care of the “lazy ones”, Messias Costa, said that they are debilitated health-wise and there is no forecast for when they’ll be better. He explained that these animals are very sensitive and adapted to hanging from trees at a certain height. Just leaving their habitat means they run the risk of dying, through not finding adequate food and not being immune to diseases to which they aren’t accustomed.

In the case of the son, the risk is even larger, according to Costa. “When there exists food restrictions, the mothers of the species often abandon their offspring”, he explains. The veterinarian said the mother had her claws broken, possibly to achieve a more docile appearance. In order to grab hold of the branches, the sloths have long claws. The son is having to receive artificial food due to the state of the mother. Even so, the two were left together so as to reduce their stress of being in a strange place and having suffered bad treatment.” – Source (translated from PT)


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