Tourism in Belém is evaluated

I’ve spent quite a bit of time covering places to go, things to do and what to eat without covering any local news. I’ve recently come across several news sites and thus will start to translate local stories here and there.

That being said, I would like to do a piece in the future, on the real state of tourism to Belém, including figures and facts on budgets, plans and numbers of tourists.

“Representatives of FGV (Getúlio Vargas Foundation) are in Belém this week to evaluate the political progress of the development of tourism in the capital.

The visit, that finishes up on the 17th of July, is part of a project by the Ministry of Tourism which selected the 65 main destinations for regional development in Brazil, including Belém. In a 2008 study by FGV, Belém showed to be a great potential within the industry.

This Monday (the 13th), the municipal coordinator of Tourism in Belém, Wady Khayat, was reunited at the headquarters of the Municipal Secretary of Sanitation with a representative from the FGV, to speak about the visit to the city and to the municipal institutions in the following days. Those from the office of the Secretary of Health (Sesma), Sanitation (Sesan), Education (Semec), Finance (Sefin), Eco-museum of the Amazon, CTBel (Transport Company of Belém) and Codem (The Metropolitan Area of Belém Development Company), and other agencies for the districts of Mosqueiro and Outeiro, were also at the meeting. Paratur (Tourism Company of Pará) was also invited to participate in the meeting.

In accordance with Belemtur’s Wady Khayat, the evaluation will look at the actions of the municipality of Belém in relation to tourism, in the areas of health, sanitation and infra-structure. ‘Don’t think of it as a competition between Belém and other cities. What will be seen, is what the municipality did to better receive the tourists. In a way, we are backing them in the search for resources and in the fight for definitions from public politicians within the Ministry of Tourism to prioritize our region. In April, we will receive the authorization to elaborate on our own projections with  Prodetur (Program of Development of Tourism), with tourism projects that have a budget of around US$ 50 million (almost 100 million reals)’, he explained.

The coordinator of Belemtur said that at least US$ 6.6 million, almost 13 million reals, are guaranteed for the allocation destined to the state of Pará for the Prodetur/PDITS. With these resources, the revitalization will be completed on the Steel Market, the Solar da Beira (a building near Ver-o-peso market) and the Municipal Market of São Brás.” – Source (translated from PT)


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