Ghosts taking taxis in Belém?

I’ve come across an interesting story on a blog linking to a Swedish blog about a possible ghost story in Belém, known as the passageira fantasma (ghostly passenger). Although after searching for her name, I came up with nothing on Google…the information was as ghostly as the story that follows.

Apparently, among the taxi drivers, there’s knowledge of a woman (who might be named Severina Romana) who got a taxi at the cemetery and asks the driver to take her for a spin around Belém. Upon dropping her off back at the cemetery, she gives him an address, says it’s her parents place and to get the money for the ride tomorrow. The driver goes to the home to get the money the next day, and is met by a man who says the driver is mistaken. He lets him into his house to see photos of the man’s daughter and upon seeing them, the driver confirms it was her. The father says it is impossible because she died many years ago.

I don’t believe in ghosts but it’s an intriguing story. Maybe some of the taxi drivers know her real name, as it is also said that they light candles at her grave every year in Santa Izabel. Here’s the short story in Portuguese, confirming the urban legend, and yet another (in PT, albeit more embellished).


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