Belém – Pará, Brasil – Mosaico de Ravena

Over at Açaí das Letras blog, I came across a really nice set of lyrics about Belém and upon doing a basic search, I found a great video of Belemense singer Nilson Chaves interpreting the song. Due to embedding limitations of WordPress, I’ll have to post the edited original version from Youtube by the 80’s band Mosaico de Ravena and link to the unedited version (which I recommend) by Chaves.

Belém – Pará, Brasil

They are going to destroy Ver-o-Peso
And put up a Shopping Center
They are going to take down the small Pinho Palace
In order to make a condominium
Poor thing, the Old City
It was sold to Hollywood,
To be used as a hostel
In Spielberg’s new film
Those who want to, can come and see
But just one at a time
We don’t want our crocodiles tripping over you all
The mentality is to blame
Created about the region
Why is it that so many people fear it?
The North doesn’t start with an M (Norte > Morte = Death)
Our indians won’t eat anybody
Because now they prefer hamburgers
Why doesn’t anyone take us seriously?
and not just our minerals…

Here’s the lyrics in Portuguese, including the rest of them which I didn’t translate.


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