Fernanda Young – Don’t irritate her


Fernanda Young is an intelligent Brazilian author, scriptwriter, actress and television presenter. She was born in Níteroi and never really finished school even though she attended various universities. She is most well-known as a scriptwriter and more recently, as a television presenter. Her works have included successes such as the TV show and movie Os Normais, the series A Minha Nada Mole Vida, the talk shows Saia Justa and Irritando Fernanda Young. In the latter, she presents a show where she discusses all the things that irritate her and asks her guests to discuss the same things. During the show, a number of irritating interuptions occur, some of which are funny and others only a little. Considering the theme of the show, she does a good job conveying irritation. Click the numbers to see part 1, part 2 and part 3 of the episode (in PT) with actor Luiz Fernando Guimarães.

You can find some excerpts from her fifth book O Efeito Urano here (in PT).

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