Twitter & Brazil Part Deux

The other day, I posted on how Twitter is gaining ground in Brazil and with that, I also gave my unfavorable opinion of the service. While I don’t take back anything I said, I did find a few minutes to add a little to the post later on. Here’s what I said,

“But to give Twitter some credit, it is useful as a link-rich news source. If I search for the word ‘Brazil’, I’ll get endless pages of tweets citing Brazil (even if most are teenage girls asking famous people to come to Brazil) and some offer up links to stories that I have started to post about here. Within a minute or two, Twitter told me that 50-odd more tweets had come in since my initial search results were shown to me. If only there were a ‘teenage girl’ filter so I could get more relevant results…”

Only very recently, have I been trying out Twitter (as a non-registered user) and its search in order to seek out relevant Brazil-related links. In this short time, it has been hit and miss, although today, in one page of results, I found around three usable stories. In the 20 minutes that I took to post some of these to my site here, 300 fresh results were awaiting my refresh of the search page. Does such a thing speak to the growing number of users (44m) or perhaps the growing interest of the users in Brazil? Or, just maybe, it speaks to the growing number of Brazilian users who speak English since my only search has been the word ‘Brazil’ (not that one needs to speak English to write Brazil with a ‘z’). In the end, I’m sure it is a combination of the three.

In the meantime, where else am I going to find links about not one, but two bodily functions that also tie into Brazil? ; ) Only on Twitter. Which brings me to how to do searches. Try out things like the ‘link finder code’ (brazil filter:links) to filter your search by term and link. Plus there’s always the quotes trick (“brazilian culture”) and let’s not forget the minus sign tip (brazil -soccer), for subjects you don’t care about.


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