500 Posts in my 17th month

I started this site as a way to store the information about Brazil that I held in my head but quickly I saw its use as a learning tool. There was a time when I approached the subject of Brazil as a ‘typical gringo’ but that was nearly 10 years ago. Why the need to dive deeper? Well, stereotypes have always interested me and so has sociology and etymology and because of that, I knew there was no way to let Brazil let me off the hook easily. I made my bed long ago and getting under the covers was the only way for me to get to know the sleeping beauty called Brazil (although I do have one complaint, she often hogs the blanket).

Even though the word Brasil in Portuguese is masculine, I’ve always seen it as feminine…like a tomboy who grows into a beautiful woman that never stops talking and whom you never tire of (we all know women talk more than men). She’s got a voice that’s sweet like honey and her words are as smooth and curvy as the border of her body. She speaks in tongues and she’s got your ear, from the moment you first see her.

Here’s to 500 posts and 130,000 views!

7 thoughts on “500 Posts in my 17th month

  1. I don’t know Brasil well enough to see him (o pais) or her (a patria) as male or female, but for some reason I imagined that the stereotypical personifications would become blurred, rather than defined, as they morph with the maturation of time. I mean, what is the US? Right now, I might say it is a man of Kenya/Caucasian descent, and sexy enough, right? Maybe for some people its a Mariyln Monroe or a GI Joe.

    It is a curious thought process, now that I engage it, but to follow this model (not the one on that cover of the magazine) of macho conquistador-coy mistress to its natural conclusion requires “guts” (or something). Maybe I’m just a yearling in eyes of Brasil, but my abstraction is less garota na praia, more flor growing wild in the Amazonas. Does that make sense?

    In any case, I find your blog, the information, and your passion for Brasil very inspiring and educational. Thanks and keep up the work!

    • Thank you Tommy,

      I suppose what I did was to equate what I am attracted to, to the gender/sex that I am also attracted to, although I do see Portuguese as having many more female characteristics. It is interesting to move beyond the stereotypes while still recognizing the small truths within them. I started with “there’s something sexual/sensual under the surface” (let’s call it a seed) and I still hold that belief, although it’s more rounded out and the blank spots are more mature (we can call that a ripe fruit). The good part is that my current conclusions about the country and its people weren’t solely formed on my own, I dialouged with Brazilians and non-Brazilians the entire time and I’ve found a balance that I am comfortable with.

      My analogy of Brazil being a woman is just one way to see it but in reality there are so many analogies to be made that it boggles the mind and I suppose that in the end, that is what keeps me studious and an interested partner.

      • Thanks for your reply. I like the way you think, that we can move beyond stereotypes and still recognize the small truths that exist within them.

        Do you think that what initially drew you to Brazil and Brazilian culture is still a part of your current conclusions/conceptions? Since I have neither been to Brazil nor met many Brazilians, I am still hesitant about studying too much, drawing my own conclusions, in other words, penetrating the surface. In terms of language, this is why I avoid learning the slang and the way real people actually speak – I guess, right or wrong, I am holding out for the real experience when I go there myself someday. The attraction for me, at this point, is the music and the mystery of the flora.

  2. I love your blog .. I just stumbled upon it and will continue to follow you. Congratulations on your 500 posts ! Keep up the good work, great reading !! You can check me out on thelocal.com.br !

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