Smoking Ban to take effect in Belem

After Sao Paulo, Belém has followed suit and will impose a smoking ban which aims to be more rigorous than that of the south-eastern city. In Belém, one won’t even be able to smoke at a bus stop, nor on the sidewalk in front of a bar or club. Such measures will be put into effect to help the majority, who according to the local councilman Carlos Augusto, are fumantes passivos (or, secondhand smokers).

Interestingly, a Federal law (9.296) from July of 1996 says it is prohibited to ban smokers from a location and that instead they should be given their own section to smoke away as they please. In Belém, the law still has another 60 days or so during which it is open to alterations.

In the Cafe Cosanostra in the neighborhood of Nazaré, said to be one of the most charming of the city, the clientel who came for cold beer, a good chat and a place to light up, now know they no longer can. Some have said they will just stop frequenting the bar.


One thought on “Smoking Ban to take effect in Belem

  1. woah, smoking ban in belém, that sounds very crazy to me. and it sounds even crazier when I try to imagine one of that great thursday nights with that fantastic jazz band in the cosa nostra and won´t be able to smoke a cigarette. would be interesting to hear how the smoking ban is working? do the people really stop smoking at bus stops etc…??

    and by the way, a great blog, I love to read it, because I lived for 6 months in Belém and in this time really fell in love with this city and especially the people of belém. ah saudade….

    well, many greetings from europe and keep on with your fine blog!!!

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