Social mixing or everyone in their place?

According to BBC, there’s social mixing on Rio beaches and there’s a place for everyone. Which is it, BBC? Not terribly interesting but…here’s a 5 min. spot on Rio’s top 3 (video was deleted from source).

I think the Brazilian documentary Faixa de Areia said it better. Mixing, while it can and does happen, is more of a myth when Rio beaches are concerned. The postos and barracas of Rio’s beaches are famous for being hang-outs of certain social types.

Does anyone have something to add or wish to refute my opinion? Comments welcomed…because it’s been a while since I’ve been on said beaches.


3 thoughts on “Social mixing or everyone in their place?

  1. I agree with you, plus I think the favela boys only mingle with the elite when the elite need to buy drugs!
    Other than that, they couldn’t be further away from each other.
    The is no democracy in Rio beaches, this is so much BS…the Elite has it’s very well marked spots…and the favela boys are actually just selling sandwiches or something else…

  2. tudobeleza is correct..I am one of those favela boys and I am only allowed presence of the rich if I am “serving” them..otherwise they want nothing to do with me.

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