From Nilson to Tecnobrega…

The previous post was a little bit of info and a song about Nilson Chaves, a famous singer from Belém. This post, however, is about something on the opposite ends of the spectrum…Tecnobrega. Now, I’ve already posted a story on this musical phenomenon from Belém but mere words can’t express what extactly tecnobrega is, so here’s a little two-part documentary and a link to a trailer of an up and coming documentary on the subject.

Now that you have a better idea of what this is, I’m guessing you will have seen certain similarities between this and another more southeastern style called Funk Carioca. Take out the rap, insert the techno and violá, there you have it. Some might disagree with me, but it seems to be the same stuff, just (p)repackaged. So if you’re looking for something that’s ready for consumption, this is it.

Here’s the link to the up-and-coming trailer.


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