On the lookout for free wi-fi in Belém

I’d like to make a list of free wi-fi spots in Belém but I fear the good spots are locally-known and as I’m no local, I can only offer a few tips as well as a page from the government’s site. The gov’t of Pará has a page called NavegaPará and one of the purposes of it is to share information on a project they are working on to bring wi-fi to many communities that currently lack it.

Their list of wi-fi locations pertains to schools (including universities like UFPA) and gov’t-related offices only at this point, but I’m sure they have considered placing wi-fi in public plazas, etc. As for non-governmental sources, I’ll start a list below…

– Val de Cans Airport
– Habib’s (Rod BR, 316)
– McDonalds (Av. Governador Magalhães Barata, 44)
– Fran’s Café (Comandante Bras de Aguiar, 304)
– Shopping Pátio Belém (Tv. Padre Eutíquio, 1078)

I’m sure there are more hotspots but I’ll have to return to this post when I get more information. If you know of any, feel free to leave a comment with the location!


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