Greeks in Brazil? There are a few

Seeing as how I’ve written about Italians in Brazil and Germans in Brazil, I figured I should check out other nationalities. Sure, there are many other groups which have a much higher number of immigrants than Greece but I was in the neighborhood, so to speak, and decided to drop by to see what was available.

Ever start something and a few hours later, you can’t remember how you started it? That’s what just happened to me and Greece. In checking my internet history, I see that I just all of a sudden checked Wikipedia’s page on the Greek language. Naturally, I dug a little deeper and then came to wonder about the Greek presence in Brazil. Ok, so I could just rewrite this whole paragraph or simply tell you that I remembered why. I’m watching a movie with a French title (L’Éternité et un jour), although the film is Greek, and thought to myself that Greek is a beautiful language. Ok, back to the post.

Apparently, there are about 50,000 Greco-Brasileiros living in Brazil, mostly in the Southeastern region, especially in Rio or São Paulo (the latter having 20,000). Additionally, in São Paulo there’s a Greek school where people can learn Greek language, dance and mythology, only I don’t know the name of it. A good place to start to learn more is the site Gregos No Brasil (in PT) which has slides, videos, interviews, etc on the Greeks in Brazil.


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