First impressions

Even with the site and all, I had no real clue as to what I’d find once I arrived in Belém. To my surprise though, it’s really a beautiful city and after a week, I can’t really tell how it differs from any other Brazilian city but the people tell me the differences are in the smells, tastes and colors specifically. If we’re talking about Ver-o-peso then I agree! but colorwise so far, it’s as beautiful as other cities I’ve visited in Brazil and taste-wise, I still can’t comment on that yet. All I know is jambu pizza is quite good!

With all of that being said, I can also say that it’s a very green city, from the mango trees that create makeshift tunnels down many of the streets, to the plazas and parks, Belém has its share of nice scenery (or shall I say greenery?). Architecture-wise, there’s a lot of mixing of the old with the new although I get the feeling that many of the high-rises have cropped up very recently and I wonder how many more will come in the years ahead.

Aside from the green, I’ve taken note of the darkness here, from the skin color of the people, to the açaí (which is fantastic, if you can find it), to the waters of the rivers and bays, and even the grouping of so many trees in and around town, it adds its own hint of darkness and blends very well with the bright colors that pop out at you while driving around.

So if you get the chance and wish to get out of the Rio-São Paulo circuit for a bit, you won’t regret giving Belém do Pará a chance (although I can’t reimburse your trip if you in fact do regret it, for some very odd reason, lol).


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